Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sugar Crisp

The local grocery store is somewhere we try very very hard not to shop at, It has super ridiculous pricing. However, when you run out of toilet paper, that's not exactly a thing you can say "Oh well, I guess we will do without until we can get to the city"

So I went to the grocery store, and BAM! right up front and center, grabbing your eye the minute you walk in was a display of sugar Crisp. OMG.


I forgot they even make that cereal!

And BONUS! it was on for 2$ a box! I of course, snapped up five (or six) boxes and brought them home.

I might as well start pressing the click here buttons on weightloss websites, becuase as well as forgetting about the cereal, when I saw, and b ought it, I had forgotten just how bloody sweet it was!

The kids of course, love it.


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