Saturday, October 30, 2010


My husband opted to take an extra shift at work today so I told him that I would do our grocery shopping so he could take a nap - he got up at 4 am to work, so he was tired.

Because there was no impatient man to rush rush rush for, I took my time shopping, it was just me and the boys, and we had a blast. I picked up some hair dye (red). Normally I don't even look at the dye becuase my husband likes to get in and get out of a store as fast as possible, and I like to walk around, take my time, relax and enjoy myself!

Normally, my BFF, Nikki dyes my hair for me, but she is working a lot lately, and I've decided that I will dye my own hair. people dye their own hair all the time, so it should be OK, right?

I'm worried that I should have bought some muscle builders when I bought my hair dye though. My arms get insanely sore when I try to use my straightener, something about holding them up over my head makes me get stiff super easy, and There is no pause and rest during hair dye application, not like when I straighten my hair, I can do a section, take a break and do another section. With hair dye, the timing is important so once I start, that's it, I have to finish!

I'm also super worried that I will miss parts of my hair, and since I am going from a light-ish brown to red, it will be noticeable if I miss! I bought two boxes of the color so that I don't have to worry about running out, and i will have more than enough, I hope to fully saturate my hair!

Any tips and tricks to dyeing hair? I wont be doing it until Tuesday or Wednesday night so hit me with everything you've got!

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