Friday, August 24, 2007

Have you ever done this?

Last night I went down stairs to put Blue Boy to bed. He was up very early and as a result, by seven thirty he was nasty cranky. I didn't pay attention tot he basement while I walked with I'm to his room, but one I got to his room I noticed that it was in shambles. Sheets off the bed, his blanket and pillow were missing and the toy box was empty whilst the floor was not.

We went to the living room to search for his blanket and pillow and found them buried. How could they not be buried, everything, from the big cat tree to the lazy boy chair had been shifted around. Even the area mat had been lifted and moved halfway across the country.

I got very upset, becuase I had spent three hours the week before organizing the toys and washing the floors and Hay! - is that a new dent in the wall?

I got MAD. I was already a little peeved about the amount of toys in the upstairs living room, but the mess in the basement it was the straw that broke the mothers back.

I grabbed a bunch of black garbage bags and loaded them (three) full of toys. I told the boys I threw them in the garbage, but in reality I put them in the furnace room.

But the kids really do think they are in the trash and I feel kind of bad about that, but maybe they will start to take care of their toys.


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Blogarita said...

Yup. I've done it. I'm not sure it really gets them to take care of their stuff, but they sure are surprised to get their stuff back a month or so later. Just like getting something new, only cheaper. LOL!