Sunday, August 26, 2007

How Do I

Get paint off of my bar stools? It's not a lot, but we didn't see it drip down, and so it's dried right on, and quite thick. I tried just scrubbing/scraping it off, and some of the thicker parts did come down. But.. For the most part?

Pink paint all over my oak Bar stools. And when I say Oak, i might mean pine. Or uhm. Any other wood that is really light in color. Seriously. Does the type of wood the stools are made out of matter?

Anyway. It's latex paint, not oil based. Can I use turpentine on it? Or will the turpentine remove the finish on the stools as well?

I wonder if it isn't time for me to go home furniture shopping. If it is, I want to get barstools that have a padded seat and a padded back rest. They look super comfortable!

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