Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fall is coming

This is going to be a "Mommy Post"

And also a confession.

I am not looking forward to school starting in a few weeks. *gasp*

Some of my family have implied that it is due to the fact that I must send Blue boy off on his way to kindergarten.

But he is so excited about going, how on earth could I feel badly about sending him?

I LIKE my kids. As parents we HAVE to love them, but I also like them. I like spending the days - full days- with them. I love not having to worry about bedtime, and that we can catch Frisbees until dark - or until someone gets hurt.

I love that my seven year old will help with dishes and entertain the babies.

I like just sitting and talking to them. Coloring on the driveway together and splashing in the pool!

And yet, school will start - soonish. I actually don't know the day that they go back to school. How bad is that?

I figure I can call the school at the end of August and they will tell me!

When school starts, all of a sudden pancake mornings end becuase we have to rush breakfast and make lunches.

I have to make sure they have clothes out for school before they go to bed, and make sure they go to bed at 8 not midnight.

Its the end of renting movies in the middle of the week, or taking evening runs to the city for coffee with them.

Its the end of a great summer and back to the structure and rles of school season.

And I am NOT looking forward to it!


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