Thursday, August 30, 2007


Coffee has been canceled for tonight. I'm disappointed, but I understand why.

See, me and BFF Kissy try to go for coffee together at least once a week, but last night she felt ill and this morning, after a doctors visit, has discovered her chest and throat are infected!


Obviously coffee will be no fun if she cannot , you know, drink the coffee! plus, who wants to spend a few hours talking with a sore throat?

Not, As sad as it males me, it is much better she stay home and rest up so that we will be able to do coffee at a later date.

And Kissy, If you are reading this, You are worth the wait!


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Sheila said...

Holy shit. I hope she didn't give me her sickness. (Yeah, I don't know how that would be possible either... I'm not thaaaat dumb.) But, I feel like crap, also. Where's my sympathy? Huh?