Thursday, August 16, 2007

So mad.

For the last month or more, I have been working on a quilt. The top is made up of sixteen million gazillion strips of fabric from 3/4 of an inch wide to 2 inches wide.

The are different colors.

I spent WEEKS making it go gradually from burgundy to yellow in color. A gradual, slooooow change. Made it seem natural.

Weeks and weeks. I set it out on the bed to look at it and make sure it was right, and finally, the other day, I moved it into the sewing room to put it together.

This morning, my children, even after I had told them yesterday how important it was not to touch, decided to play tornado or some other such shit.

The pieces are everywhere.

I'm not sure when I have been this mad before in my life.


Shelli said...

I am sooo sorry. I know exactly what you are feeling. If it would have been me, heads would have rolled.

Blogarita said...

Take up crocheting. It's harder for the kids to scatter.