Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Won!

My husband went to pick up gas and milk. I asked him to get me a three dollar "crossword" Scratch and Win ticket at the same time.

He came home with the five dollar crossword multiplier! I hate those! Sure you get to scratch twice as much, but they never win!

I wasn't too pleased, but my addiction had to be fed so I picked up the top ticket (he bought himself one as well) and started to scratch.

Now this ticket is really two separate tickets. On the first one, I won ten dollar's, and then scratched the multiplier to uncover "Four Times" !!!

I won forty freaking dollars.

This of course means I have no chance at all of winning on the second part of the ticket, but!
With "cap", "might", "Bush", and "mix" I won ten more freaking dollars!


Fifty bucks. On a five dollar ticket. Sweet.

Oh, I should mention that the husband didn't win a red cent on his. *giggle*


Not a Granny said...

Serves him right for thinking you are weird!!

thordora said...

It's even worse in NB. Since moving out here, I rarely EVER win on a bloody scratch ticket. Although the one they had named "Scat" makes up for it.

Marilyn said...


I never play scratch tickets but Mom bought a bunch for everybody at Christmas once... nobody in our whole ginourmous family won anything.

I buy a powerball sometimes. If I'm not going to win anything, at least I can dream about never having to worry about money again.

Bluepaintred said...

Not A Granny I am going to point that out to him. Karma knows no boundaries!

Thordora A ticket named scat??? Weirdness! Is the top prize a life time supply of poo?

Marilyn OMG you peeps int eh states! That powerball rocks! 314 million dollars won on ONE freaking ticket? In my dreams!

Fantastagirl said...

so what are you buying with your winnings????

Shelli said...

You picked the right one. And that means that you don't have to share any of your winnings with your husband. However, if he had won, then he would have to give you the winnings.