Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wait just one GD minute!

I refuse to link to the site I read *it* on. Perez Hilton is a blight on humanity and does not deserve links.

Sigh. Hypocrite that I am, my loathing for him does not stop me from reading his site (through bloglines - I mean that doesn't give him a hit on his stat counter - does it??)

I read that Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide. Surely they must be mistaken. Sure I know thta he recently broke up with some chick, but come on! this man - this *funny* man is famous, he has money and cars and friends. Lots and lots of friends.

I know money doesn't mean you are happy but it helps, but friends and family have been in and put of his hospital room since this started.

This man has a support team, and yet, he chose to slit his wrists?


What are your feelings on this?

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