Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vacations in September?

Would you go to a New York Bed and Breakfast In September?

I think that of all the months there are, September might possibly be the worst month there is to go on vacation during.

Lets see.

January is awesome becuase how better to start off the new year than to go on a vacation!

February is the month for cruises, valentines lovers and all that rot!

March April and May? Not much happening then, so workplaces aren't busy, you are bound to be able to take time off in march!

June July and August are the perfect time for any vacation becuase school is out.

September sucks, we have already discussed this.

And for October, November and December? Thats the right time to leave here because it is starting to get cold in October and its down right freezing in December! I'm thinking tropical paradise!

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