Sunday, August 26, 2007

What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas

But.. What is it that happens in Vegas? I went through Vegas on a school trip. We stayed the night at a hotel motel thing. it was a neat experience, the pool was out side but it was on the second level, suspended between the two rows of hotel rooms. And I mean suspended. There was nothing under it.*

I still kind of wonder how they did that. Not only does concrete weight a tonne, but ad the water too? that's a lot of weight to be supported! Truthfully, I was a little scared of it, and did not go in it.

Our class took a late night ride down the strip and the lights and such were awesome. I often hear of other bloggers talking about going to Vegas and get a wee bit jealous. I wonder if they are going to be staying at the Imperial Palace Las Vegas? That would be cool.

Regardless when they do go, I hope they win a LOT of money while playing the slots!

*I think I should get a scanner so that I can download some of those pictures and share them with the online world!

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Michelle said...

I've never been to Vegas but I hope to go at least once. That pool sounds crazy! It's amazing how somethings are made.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!