Monday, August 20, 2007

Have you ever

Had such a wonderful day that the following day is the worst ever just by comparison? Not only has today been a freaky weird horrid day, but I just wrote this post, published it and it is no where to be found?

I talked about how sucky my day was and then how for the first time since June i wanted the brats in school, and how Blue boy will cry when he doesn't get to go to school with rainbow man becuase kids in kindergarten start two weeks later than and OH

So mad my post was lost!

*****FOUND MY POST***** it got posted to August 02, not August 20~

Here is is :

had such a good day that the following day is like hell warmed over on a piece of toast?

Thats what today has been. For the first time since school let out in June, I thought to myself "School starts soon"

And in fact, it does. In nine days. or ten. or whatever, soon it starts.

I am a little annoyed that RM gets to go to school (grade three) but BB has to wait till mid September to start (kindergarten) I think that the first morning he has to watch RM walk out the door for school there will be a lot of tears.

Sigh. I'll stock up on chocolate.

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