Monday, August 13, 2007

Confessions of a bad painter

I thought I would save this entry for Paint. I know you are still here, reading, but I feel a bit more anonymous. And a bit hopeful that the laughing and finger pointing wont be as bad here as it would be over at BPR.

My Husband and I are not good painters.

I know! Shocking. You can;t even tell from the photos, can you?

Lets start with sin number one.

It's a biggie.

We taped the door trim and the base boards. We taped the corners where yellow meets burgundy. We rocked!

Then we painted the wall in primer. And left the tape on. The next day we put coat number one of Ground Ginger, and two days later, half of coat number two. Still another two full days later we finished the second coat.

It was time to take the tape off.

Hey! who knew you had to remove the tape immediately or it becomes part of the wall? No one told us that if it didn't come off immediately and we attempted to take it off a week and three coats of paint later it would come off - with half of the freshly painted coats of ground Ginger!

Yay! We suck!

Our second sin?

My husband put me in charge of "cutting in". you know. the part where you paint a line by the roof and base boards? Half of the roof has been painted, a good portion of the carpet and the trim is fifty fifty white and ground ginger.

Sigh. It was obvious we were in over our heads and that it was now time to take drastic measures.

*ringing phone*



"Remember back when we said we were painting and you told me that if we needed any help, that all we had to do was ask? - this is me asking!"

My mother in law came over this afternoon and fixed the roof, re-painted the burgundy so it's no longer a strange zebra streak effect in the sunlight . She is coming back to morrow to touch up the spots of Groung Ginger we ripped away with the tape.

Mother in laws are awesome!


Marilyn said...

Look at it this way, you've done all of us a service by pointing these things out. I wouldn't have removed the tape either and I didn't even know what cutting-in was.... Funny I paint a lot, just not walls.

Lynda said...

Everyone says I should paint myself, but the more I read about your painting, the more I think we should hire someone! I would never know about that tape thing.

Shelli said...

How did you get paint on the roof? Or did you mean ceiling? ;) Just teasing, hon. I would have paint all over my roof, too. But by that I mean all over my hair and my face and probably a good portion of my body, too. It's why I always leave all the painting to my husband.

Can we get some pictures of the newly painted room sometime soon? I want to see the finished product.

Or is it already up in your next post over here that I haven't read or seen yet? I guess we will see once I finish commenting and hit the home button or whatever.