Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Oh, So Tired

I worked the double shift today, which was, quite frankly, tough. I am totally knackered and would love to hit the sack, but if I do, I will mess up my sleeping, so awake I am!

Work was especially tough as the boss got a new ordering computer and was trying to install the software bundle and figure out the machines. WHY he chose to do this on wing night, our busiest night of the week is beyond me. The poor waitresses had to try and learn a whole new system, AND serve the customers!

I had it pretty easy, plating food in the kitchen, it was just a long, long day., my feet are KILLING me! I wish I knew what happened to the peppermint foot lotion I had bought near Christmas, as peppermint is supposed to be super good for tired, sore feet!

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