Monday, April 23, 2012


Its nearly May! that means school will be out in like two more months. I cant fricken wait for summer vacation OMG! June 17th is fahters day and I found these are gift baskets dad will love, so that's taken care of. I don't actually know when mothers day is this year, but I was so spoiled last year that it almost seems rude for me to expect anything this year! Im astounded at how fast this year has gone. No really, iM shocked. I feel like I just got my job, oh, say three months ago, but I just worked it out and I have been a working woman for like eight months now, nearly nine! that's CRAZY! gotta admit im not looking forward to working over summer, but now that I am back to 20 hours a week, it will be better, and if my co-workers are looking for more time, they can have some of my shifts too lol!

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