Monday, September 20, 2010


Last night I was sitting on the couch with Micah watching a MythBusters special (It was 2 hours long!!) I was rubbing my calf absently when Micah asked whats wrong. I pulled up my pant leg and we both saw a huge ass bruise on the back of my calf.


I hardly recall when I got hit on the calf, it must have been Saturday afternoon when we were in the forest chopping down trees, but whatever hit me didn't hurt, at the time, anyway!

My legs, right from ankle to hip, are bruised, and either some bug fell in my shirt and bit me a bunch of times, or I reacted badly to the sawdust that flew down my top as we chopped trees becuase my chest and upper stomach look like I should spend all my time on LOL

The bites/sawdust scratches are fading, the bruises are still dark, but they will fade too!

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