Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A great Find!

One thing that both Micah and I love is camping, and in our opinion, the best part about camping is sitting around a campfire late at night shooting the shit. We started talking about a backyard firepit about eight years ago, but didn't actively start looking until this year.

Well, we found one! And it was a very good deal too! it costs 110-120 in stores and we paid 60! It's barely been used, and is in super condition!

Obviously, because today is day 46 of Micah and I quitting smoking, we will not be enjoying any arturo fuente cigars, and man will it be weird sitting around a campfire and NOT smoking! I haven't done that since I was a kid, living at home with my parents!!

We don't have any firewood, per say, what we do have is a lot of branches, a few disassembled pallets (cut to size with an most awesome saw ) and the slats of a pine bed that was waiting for backyard garbage pick up day!

We have a forest, four acres or so, right by our hosue and we are in talks with teh man who owns it to go in and chop down a few trees to set up a nice supply of fire wood. The trees are mostly green, so they will have to sit and dry over winter before they will burn, but next summer will be a blast!

(We are hoping to have a fire tonight with my dad and my very favorite stepmother, as well as having a few fires in the evening before it gets toooo cold to do so!!)

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