Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Scratch and Flip

Let me point out real fast that yeah, we missed a super opportunity in naming Flip. We know now we should have named the wee beastie Sniff, not Flip, but we suck, we admit it, lets move on!

I can tell you that when my son first showed up at the door with his plastic bucket and hopeful face, telling us "his name is scratch momma, cus he keeps scratching the bucket!" I knew as much about Salamanders as I did about L-Dopa.org! Now, I still know nothing about L-Dopa.org, but I know a heck of a lot more about Salamanders!

For example. Did you know that it costs 12 bucks for 100 crickets? And that two healthy happy, hungry salamanders will eat 100 of them in a few weeks time - IF you can keep the damn crickets alive that long!

But still. They are cute, aren't they!

These little guys can grow up to a foot ore more long, and will live for (hopefully) about 5 years!

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