Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Yet another thing!

Late last night my inlaws called asking if we had any left over powdered grout and floor cement for tiling that they could use.

I told them I would check in the morning and attempted to do so, but was stalled by a dead bulb. I *could* have gotten a stool and changed the bulb, but I am too scared that there are spiders just waiting in the roof to attack me in the dark, so I just left the room.

My father in law came over in the afternoon to have a look see and went to change the light bulb for me but instead discovered that the electronics or wiring or something in there is screwed.

Does it ever stop? The little fixes, I mean? Because it seems like it sure doesn't!

It will have to wait for the weekend when Micah has time to take it down and see what is what, but it had better not cost a mint to fix so help me sock!

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