Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Its morning. 7:34AM to be precise and I am awake, but holy hell, I am tired. I wish I could sleep another..say six hours, but thats not gonna happen. Maybe I need to find a new best multivitamin, one that gives me pep in the morning?

The boys just got up, why are they always so chipper in the morning? Morning people bug me. Parker at ten is the worst offender, he is always cheerful, so bubbly and happy in the mornings. It just about kills me.

Logan though, dear sweet Logan, is as much a morning person as I am - and I am no, so it makes for some interesting mornings on the days we have to wake him fro school.

I need to go make some breakfast for the kids.

.....Wish I could go back to bed.

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