Tuesday, March 09, 2010

0 degrees

It did not go below zero last night. For the first time since last October, we stayed above freezing for a full 24 hours - and counting.

While This is exciting becuase spring is on its way, it is also kind of sad for em becuase I had planned on losing weight this winter instead of gaining weight. Now i will have the same issues with the fit of my t-shirts and summer clothing as I did last year, only five pounds worse.

I need to get off my butt and either find the best weight loss products, or start exercising in a serious way if I want this summer to be better than the last one, looks wise, anyway.

If I were to start the 30 day shread today, and do it for the full 30 days this time instead of stopping on day five or six like last time, would it work?

Have you done the full shread? Did it work? Did you lose inches?

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