Friday, March 05, 2010

Not Happy. AT. ALL.

My cousin is staying at my place and a bit ago she decided she would head to the gas station and fill up her car. About half hour after that I wandered outside, sorta wondering what was taking her long, and did she maybe get lost coming back? (Spoiler: she went for gas, ended up at the city in Costco)

While I was outside I could not help but notice the HUGE, and I mean 2x2 feet spot of oil all over my driveway. At first I was worried that her car was leaking and she might have broken down somewhere, but a call to my step mother asking her for my cousins cell number so I could call took care of that.

My sister in law - who's kids I baby sit - her mothers POS car has been leaking oil on the driveway for who knows how long. I don't go out there very often, when I leave the house it is either by the front door or in the car, so I hadn't see the oil, but there is no way in hell they did NOT see the huge spreading patch of crud that was leaking onto my driveway.

And seriously. how hard is it to either park on the street or get the car fixed? it's, as I mentioned a POS car, so its not like she would be out buying Ferrari parts or some shit. How RUDE to let that thing leak oil all over and not even tell me?

That shit is nearly impossible to get off too!

Fuck. I'm so mad right now.

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