Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No rest for the Wicked

This morning is simply dragging on! I am very much looking forward to nap time! It's going to be hard because it is a bright sunshiny day! And it is never easy to convince a little one to sleep when the sun is pouring into the window!

It's not even nine yet, and it is already 1 degrees outside. When the boys left for school an bit ago, the sun was just peeking up over the houses.

I would gladly take "squinting from the sun" wrinkles without ever wishing for ANYanti wrinkle treatment, if only we could have sunny days every day.

It could rain at night from say 2am to 5 am so the farmers could still grow their crops, but a nice balmy 25 would be pretty darn close to heaven right now!

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