Sunday, February 15, 2009

Midnight Cravings

Our car is "broken" right now. There is something wrong with the fan belt and until My father can get into our town, from his town, on Monday, we are under strict instructions to not drive it anywhere.

We are not stuck at home by any means, My husbands parents are out of town (Mexico) and have given us free use of their car while they are gone. I use it Monday to Friday to take the boys to school.

If for some reason my dad cannot get our car running on Monday, Hubs can use his parents car to get to work, the boys are on Spring break for a week anyway.

What I cam online to post, however, is not that the car is a piece of crap that needs a good kick in the tires, it's that at 11:33 all of us ( the boys, the older ones at least, are up watching a movie with hubs) had a snack attack unexpectedly. Unfortunately, hubs and I neglected to pick up any sort of snackage, there is not a single chip or cookie in the house, and with the car broken ( not to mention all of our towns stores close by 11) there was no way to GET snackage!!

People, the internet is a wonderful thing!

I found this recipe online

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup white sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla

Mix all, bake at 350 for eight minutes (do not overbake) cool on pan one minute, transfer to wire rack

By 12:05 I had the last of the two dozen cookies out of the oven and on a rack. The ULTIMATE of quick cookies people!

(I added the chocolate chip smiles face all by myself!)

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