Thursday, February 19, 2009

Timing Is Everything

A few weeks ago, My husband brought home a nice bonus from work. with that bonus, we went computer shopping. At the brick and mortar store in the city nearest to us, they did not have the kind of laptop my husband wanted, so we left empty handed. I thing found another laptop on that seemed to fit his bill, but voted no to it based on the fact it looked exactly like mine and we would "get them mixed up".

Yeah. Right.

In retrospect, I am glad he has not yet bought a laptop becuase last weekend my glasses broke. and I am totally BLIND without my specs. The money set aside for his laptop became the money to pay for my glasses.

Now, hubs gets reimbursed for eye wear through his work insurance, so if he ever remembers to bring home the insurance papers for me to fill out, we can put in to get that money back. In the mean time, I am still window monitor shopping up a storm for the perfect laptop for him.

I've bookmarked the Sony Vaio , which I again found on (What can I say? I really like that store!)generally, I find and bookmark three or four laptops a day for hubs to look at when he gets off work. He then keeps or deletes as he sees fit, and hopefully, by the time our reimbursement gets back, he will have narrowed his choices down to one!

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