Monday, February 09, 2009

Mood : Doh!

So. Two weeks ago Blake got his new glasses (he has bent them already :o( which isn't a big deal becuase we can get them straightened for free)(and they got bend becuase his brother and he were playing in the snow and during a routine snowball fight they were knocked off his face. I'm just happy he remembered to pick them up and bring them home!)

AHNYway. Blake was promised a trip to the dollar store every two weeks, IF he wore his glasses constantly. When Blake found out he needed his specs, he was quite upset about it, and we shamelessly bribed him into wearing them. Too late, we realized that once he put them on and saw what the world really looks like, he would wear them with no problems. But, A promise is a promise!

Yesterday (Sunday) I took Blake to the Dollar store here in town to pick out his prize. With a five dollar maximum, he spent quite a bit of time searching the isles and reading the backs of packages before settling on a paint by number dog picture. He was happy with his choice, and I was happy that he did not, yet again, pick some plastic gun that would break ten minutes after we got it home.

Up to the till we go to try to pay. I only carry debit, I very rarely carry cash. The cashier swiped my card, and we waited. And waited. And waited. The machine timed out, so we swiped again. And Waited. And Waited. And waited. Again the machine timed out. We tried five times in total to pay for Blake's Paint By Number before we gave up.

As we were walking out of the store, the cashier told us that if we come back in a week, they will have a new POS system and our purchase will not time out. I was all "Whatever" to that. But in the car, I kind of giggled that she had called her machine a POS. (Piece of shit), I told hubs the story when we got home and it was then that I learned that POS also stands for point of sale. Opps.

When Blake finishes his picture and it dries, I will attempt to either scan it on the scanner, or take a picture of it to show you all!


Louise said...

You know what else "POS" stands for, aside from "Point of Sale system"?
Piece of S***. Which is what their debit machine sounds like!

Bluepaintred said...

NO matter, they got their new one in! (shock of all shocks, it WORKS!)