Sunday, November 28, 2010


Micah and Parker are three doors down catching the Grey Cup game, and me, Blake and Logan are at home. Blake and Logan have 8PM bedtimes and they need to keep to their proper bedtimes on school nights becuase they are grouchy little brats if they do not get enough sleep.

Parker is eleven though, on the verge of attitude, hormones and acne, and as such, has a later bedtime. 9PM.

Parker wakes up very easily and cheerfully in the morning too, so it is obvious to me that eh can handle this later bedtime. My younger two don't cause a fuss at going to bed earlier than Parker except on days like this, where they have to go to bed and they know that Parker is still off somewhere having fun!

if the younger two were capable of getting up in the morning on less sleep, then I would allow them to stay up on special days like this, but they aren't and as a parent I have to do what is right for them, and make them do what they do not want, because I know it is what they need.

And I am perfectly fine being the big Meany and doing it!

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