Thursday, November 11, 2010

Close call!

Micah is off trying his best to murder Bambi's mama (Or better yet, Bambi's daddy), and while he is gone, the boys and i took advantage of his absence and headed into the city to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

Micah is harder to shop for so he is often left to the very end - and yes, I know that some of you don't feel that the first half of November is last minute shopping, but darnit, I do!

I'm please to say that except for one video game, which is not out until the 16th, we successfully bought his Christmas gifts!

One really super bad thing was at the till, as the cashier was running my stuff over her barcode scanner I was busy in my purse looking for my debit card and I could NOT find it.

It's been YEARS since I've had that particular thing happen to me and it was horrifying. Scenarios of having to actually say out loud that I did not have money with me were running through my head, and also? The lie was FULL there were tonnes of people behind me, waiting their turn!

Luckily, I found it *JUST* as she gave the total, but man, it was close!

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