Sunday, January 14, 2007

Feeling Spicy Tonight?

...And slowly his hand reached to caress her petal soft cheek. "I want nothing, except to please you." His mouth moved down to her taunt nipple in a slow exquisite motion that sent ripples of pleasure down her spine. She felt his tongue, hot and wet against her chilled skin, a faint suction. His hand was becoming more insistent, and far more intimate on her body. He felt her acceptance even as she opened her legs wider to his touch. She began to moan with every skillful movement of his hands.

He whispered against her breast and felt the pulsing of her body. "Yes, Let me, baby."
She felt her whole body clench and cried out when he took his hand from her burning center. He hovered over her, eyes dark and intense. Slowly, reaching down, he guided himself into her. Gasping at the tightness of her untried body. He quickly bent to capture the cry of pain that tore from her lips as he thrust home.

His mouth once again paid homage to her nipples as he waited for her body to accustom itself to his girth. Slowly he began an age old rocking that had her nails digging into her back as he....

Hmmm. A bit too spicy maybe!

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