Thursday, January 25, 2007

Winter Blah's

This sites been pretty boring of late, hasn't it? Haven;t had the time or inclination to write much of anything. I need to be in a dark place to write, and I don;t mena lighting. I can't seem to write happy cheerfull things, even though I've been happier this week then I have the past year.

I really want summer to come back. I'm very tired of being inside all the time. I guess we could all go out, but dressing all the kids and then undressing again? Eh, it's not worth it, is it? I keep having dreams of sunshiny weather and then it's so hard when i wake up to pitch black and snow.

I guess winter is almost over, if you really think about it. It's almost February, which means only two more months of cold and snow and then it wills tart to warm again. I hope!

Summer kisses on the breeze
Bluebells whisper in my ear
Bright hot sun warms my skin

Butterflies flit across the sky
ladybirds dance with spots in their eyes
heaven is here this meadow of effulgence

And then I awaken
Dreams torn by the sound of a bell
It's morning time, and colder then hell

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