Saturday, January 13, 2007

Life in Question

if the world were to stop turning,
who would care?
if the sky were falling,
would you just sit and watch?
if the oceans dried up,
where would flipper live?

what if there was no man on earth?
no stars in the sky?
no grass at our feet?
nhat if the Sun and Moon got married?

if we can't stick together,
are we doomed to fall apart?
and if we can't procreate,
don't we all die?
if we are damned to face tommorrow.
what questions should we ask?

what if the rains came only on Sunday?
or didn't come at all?
what if the past was gone?
the future bleak?

if the only right question is two plus two,
then can we know what is right from wrong?
are we better off dead,
since we can't live together?
if war is our faith,
what can be our hope?

why is the sky blue?
the grass green?
should it not be bathed in blood?
why must the bad ones always win?

how can we survive,
submurged in hate?
if our saviour were to come,
would we know it was he?
how can the hour have meaning,
when the minutes are spent?

why do we hurt the ones we love?
why do we help the ones we hate?
why do we feel the way we do?
why should I care?
Copyright @ 2007 by Bluepaintred

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