Friday, January 23, 2009

New Blog Idea

Some days I think about setting up a blog just so that I can talk about the stupid things our pets do. Other days I realize I am too busy to handle caring for another blog the way a blog should be cared for, and on those days, you get stuck with posts like the one to come.

We have, as you may know, three pets, not counting the fish. (Singular on the fish part, Fishum met his maker VIA a sewer pipe last week.) This one is all about the cat.

Tigger is our cat, and she is a FAT cat. She is limited to one can of cat food a day, wet, no dry. We give her half the can at lunch time, and half the can at midnight when we go to bed. She has been on this diet for a year now, but it hasn't helped her at all. She hasn't lost an ounce, in fact - she has GAINED weight! Hubs, I and Tigger's vet were all a bit confused about that. The key word there? WERE. At this point, not even the best diet pills will help her. Want to know why?

I feel Logan his lunch at 11AM to make sure he is done, washed and dressed in time to be at school for 12:30. Tigger feels that if a person is eating, she should also be eating. I feel she should wait until noon, like always. Today I was taking my dish to the sink - I eat lunch at the same time as Logan, when I heard a strange noise.

I decided to investigate the noise. This is what I found:

That's the big Tupperware bin we use to store the Dog's food in.....So much for her diet!

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