Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Ever happened to...

The written word. Or the lettered sign as it were?

I was miserable driving home tonight.... I had taken my six year old son in for an appointment with his optometrist, and we headed home right around twilight. I suffer from a mild to sever form of night vision blindness, depending on the type and amount of lights surrounding me.

On the highways where it is just me and my headlights I am OK, but driving in the city, with all the digital signage around just kills me!

There is one sign in particular that bothers me the most, its right on the edge of the city, and I drive past it on a four lane highway, so there is no chance of me stopping to take a picture of it, you will just have to take my word for it.

The problem is, I think it is using those new LED lights because that sucker is BRIGHT. And distracting becuase it flashes different things on it, but the worst is the blue/white lights, those super bright ones, just freak my eyes out and as long as it is in my vision, I can barely see!

I generally try my damndest to NOT be on the roads at night, but sometimes, like tonight, it cannot be helped!

Are you curious as to how Blakes Optometrist apppointment went? Check here for Updates!

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