Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One Week Later

It's been one full week now since I began my face care regiment. I am seeing a slight improvement in terms of the rash after shower, and a huge improvement with the itching and dry flaky skin patches from the eczema, but the biggest improvement is with my acne.

I really hesitate to use that word. Acne. I know that My doctor told me I have it - albeit a mild case, but still, to me acne is deeper, disfiguring even. These were just huge out breaks of very large and painful zits.

Anyway. Twice a day, Morning and night, I have been washing my face with Spectro Derm Moisturizing Skin cleaner (for dry sensitive skin) (Link) and twice a day, right after washing, I have been applying the Spectro Acne care (Vanishing Lotion for sensitive skin) (Link).

I have seen a HUGE improvement not only in the size of pimple I get, becuase I am still getting them, but also in the time it takes for them to go away. My face looks Much clearer, about the only thing I am unhappy with now, is that my face still reddens after the shower, but that is from the eczema.

I'm kind of glad I chose to go with Spectro products, and really, the only reason I went with them, becuase I had never heard of them before, as the price. There were about 1/4 of the price of the other acne products, I think the vanishing cream was about 5 dollars and the face was was six or so.

So yeah, awesome news!

EDIT: I was just at the Spectro website and noticed they have two products specifically designed to fight eczema! They carry a Medicated Cream (Link) and an Intense Re-hydration Cream (Link) Which is supposed to

  • Spectro Eczema Care Intense Rehydration Cream soothes and helps prevent itchy, red, dry skin prone to eczema/dermatitis
  • Replenishes lost moisture and helps retain moisture deep within the skin allowing skin time to repair itself

Next time I manage to get into the city I will have to try and find these two products! And, as usual, I will report back how they work after I give them a try!!

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