Sunday, November 22, 2009

A First!

Well. a SORT OF first, In the summer we got a credit card so that we could reserve a hotel room for our vacation. We reserved it online with the credit card, but the cost of the hotel room never actually made it onto the card, we paid cash for that.

So I feel pretty confidant saying that I have finally, for the first time, used my credit card online. To be honest, I was quite nervous entering the number online but my husband said our card has some sort of identity theft protection on it.

I bought the Pioneer Woman's Cook book on and it arrived just a few days ago. Its awesome! Ive made plans already to make the lasagna - minus the ground breakfast sausage becuase I can't figure out what that is or where to buy it!

Amazon.CA is much different from the US site. It makes me sad and kind of angry. I can get books, movies and video games on the Canadian site, compared to being able to get just about ANYTHING on the US site.

I wish websites would realize that Canadians like to shop just as much as Americans!

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