Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Making Room

I wanted Blake to sleep upstairs so I could keep an eye on him better, but because his headache is so bad, he did not want to stay in the living room with all of the noise. Our solution was to pull out the trundle bed and have him sleep in Logan's room.

But first, I had to clean Logan's room. He likes to bring toys upstairs from the basement and within a few weeks it is impossible for him to have a clean room, simply becuase he has too many toys and no place to put them.

While he was in the bathtub I took a big black garbage bag into his room and bundled up a LOT of the toys and took them to the storage room to hide. While I was in the storage room I tripped over the suitcases, stubbing my big toe and finding out that the big suitcase in our set is ripped open by the zipper.

I'm glad I noticed this now and not the night before I tried to pack us for a trip, now I can search at my leisure for some good Samsonite luggage to replace our set.

The set is old, anyway, When I graduated high school, it was a gift from my father. (I took the hint and moved out)

Logan got out of the tub and he noticed his room was clean, but did not notice that more than half of his toys were missing!

The boys are both in there, and Blake is already asleep. I'm looking forward to not having to go downstairs in the dead of the night to check on him!

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