Sunday, November 15, 2009


Does anyone else wish that those wee mini chocolate bars for Halloween were really slimming pills in disguise?


Logan hasn't had his hives in such a long time! He has an appointment on the 14th of December with the ENT and one on the 24th of December (YES!! Christmas Eve) with the allergist. I'm very excited for both the appointments, I sure wish time would fly just a little bit faster!

I need to make him an appointment to get his eyes checked though, he keeps complaining about headaches and I need to rule out vision problems before I push the matter with his doctor, who has so far, been unwilling to really dig for what is causing the headaches.

Seeing as me and Micah both wear glasses, and both of our parents also wear glasses (as well as our middle son) there is a very high chance the headaches are realted in some way to his vision!

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