Thursday, August 05, 2010

Back to School

The boys don't head back to school until the end of August, but Saturday we will have to start the dreaded back to school shopping.

The worst of it is not the shopping, its the labeling every stupid little thing. Every crayon, every marker, every pencil and eraser MUST be labeled. Times three. I hate it!

Actually, except when I can't find a particular item, becuase the school is anal about brands and types of supplies we send with the kids, so except for when I cannot find a particular type of crayon or whatever, I rather enjoy shopping for their supplies. I live the shoe shopping LMAO - I'm sure that doesn't shock anyone! I love helping them pick out the outfit they will wear to school that first day, i love piling the papers and pens into the cart and teasing the kids about going back. I even like waiting for the store to print out my seven mile long receipt with their epson receipt printer, and pretending to be upset about how much everything cost!

But the labeling - and the fact I actually have to send them off to school - those two things bug me.


We still have two and a half weeks or so, and a vacation planned during that time, so I should keep my chin up, and enjoy the time we have left, even if I DO have to start the shopping on Saturday!

(the following photos are of Logan and Blake - we went to a rodeo on the weekend, and let them ride sheep!)

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