Thursday, August 05, 2010


This is Samantha's new bed. If you think it looks like a doll bed, you would be correct, it is. I figured that if Sammi did not like it, I could give it to one of my nieces, but Sam hopped on it the moment it was unpacked - she knew it was for her!

Sam is a tad spoiled :D Can you tell?

She has a whole wardrobe, her car bed, her kennel - she sleeps in her kennel at night - and her kennel has its own bed, this new bed for lounging in the living room when I am online, she has a custom bag that I can carry her in (yes, like a purse dog) and even has several bows for her ears!

Thank Socks for cheap car insurance and ebay!

Sam is sooooo spoiled that I spent 86 million (fake coins) in an online game, an auction, so that she could be a rare prize to be won (Her photo, not herself LOL)

It will, I am guessing, be at LEAST a few weeks, if not months before the pictures will be ready, but when they come out, I will be sure to post them! They are taking pictures we submit and having them redrawn into a cartoon like graphic for the board.

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