Thursday, August 05, 2010

Eight is a very old age you know

My ten year old is starting to get zits (little ones) MUST have a shower every night (M.U.S.T) because of The Stank. He is concerned about his hair and has started noticing brand names on clothes.

But he is ten, nearly 11 (October) so that's normal.

What is not normal is my eight year old insisting I sniff his pits 'cus he *thinks* they might smell, checking his chest for hairs and asking me how to get rid of blackheads when his skin is clear as can be.

I HATE that he is in such a hurry to grow up! One day he is dressing in a ninja suit and crying when our spoiled puppy chews one of his toys, then next he is talking about getting a job and what kind of house he will live in when he moves out!

I know he is doing it becuase he sees his brother growing up and wants to be more like him, but, please, someone tell him that it's better to be little...for my sake?

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