Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Need your advice

Tom and Sheila have a GPS device. They use it to go geocaching.

I'd like to go with them, but they've never invited me.

And I live 23 hours (by car) away from her.

Now, I have no idea what GPS device Tom and Sheila have, but I do know it's a little old. it was bought before Windows introduced Vista. Yesterday Tom tried to hook the GPS up to his new laptop to put in some coordinates, but nothing was working. Tom's Laptop runs Vista.

What are the options here? Do they need to go out and get a whole new GPS device? One that is up to date, or is there away to upgrade an older system so that it runs with Vista?

Anyone Know?


Sheila said...

Well, how damned convenient was that for you?

PS, you could totally go geocaching with us in September.

And, you have a typo in your last paragraph, luvie.

Bluepaintred said...

thanks a billion, i fixed the typo. and yeah it was convenient, but hey, what if someone out in internet land does know the answer? what then? HUH? HUH!!!