Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A few weeks back, a bunch of people were discussing a type of ear bud called the "Skull Candy" Apparently they are "ALL THAT" and everyone should have them and blah blah blah.

Nothing is EVER as good as other people make it out to be, ya know?

In any case I followed their links and ended up on an amazon site - which - suckage people, amazon.com refuses to ship to Canada, they just redirect you to the dot CA site, and the CA site has NOTHING. Well. Nothing good, anyway.

I decided that for the price, I might as well order a pair though. To order, I have to find a US resident (Hi Sheila!!) who was willing to let me paypal her the money and order them for me! She even had them shipped to her home so that shipping was less. Sheila rocks!

Today a package from sheila came in the mail. It was filled with Fizzy Socks, weird Japanese gum, a kickass shirt and the ear buds.

As soon as I had a chance I ripped open the packaging ( I only cut myself twice!) And popped those suckers in my ear.

My first reaction was to rip them back out of my ear just as fast - the things sucktion into your ear!! I put them back in and reveled in the sudden absolute quiet. The dogs were barking, the kids were playing and Hubs was on rockband but I was off in my own little world of QUIET.

I would buy these just to use as EAR PLUGS!

So I hooked everything up to my iTouch and pushed play. Bad decision. I had been using the iTouch earlier int eh afternoon and had my volume set to high, where I normally have it, and with my old ear buds, high was fine. With the Skull Candy high was eardrum blasting PAIN. I turned the volume right down, right down people, and pushed play again. HEAVEN!

And the big thing? Not only are they comfortable, once you get past the suction feeling, but they do not fall out when I move my head, or walk around with them in.

I got the metallic blue ones, but here is a link to some pink ones on Amazon. I've heard, on twitter, that you can also find these in your local Target store - wouldn't know about that, we don't have Target stores here :o(. According to twitter the ones at Target are a wee bit cheaper. So go forth people! Find the Skull Candy.

No need to thank me!

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