Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Post In Which I Gross You Out Just a Little Bit

My husband has a watch.

It's a cloth band, digital black watch. It has the time, the date, and a few little features like a stop watch, waterproofing, and other crap like that.

My husband wears his watch every day. All day long.

He wears it to work, he wears it to bed, he even wears it in the shower.

My problem is him wearing it in the shower.

Let me back up a sec. Have you ever been busy and left a load of lau - brb gonna go change the clothes from the washer to the dryer - back - sorry about that!

OK, have you ever left a load of Laundry in the washer, forgotten allll about it, and then when you Do remember, you open the door to the washing machine and that unmistakable odor of sour clothes blasts you in the face? At that point, your only option is to re wash the closet - sometimes it takes more than one wash to get the smell out!

ANyway. That's what his watch smells like. Sour clothes. Not all the time, but for a good two hours after his shower, I can smell it if I am less than ten feet away.

I can smell it right now.


It's caused, of course, becuase he wears it in the shower, the band gets wet and then it drys very slowly because it is stuck on his arm instead of laid out to dry.

He likes his watch and, even though I have offered, he does not want me to get him a NICE watch, like a Patek Philippe. Something that he could TAKE OFF when he showers, something nice looking.

But Noooooo! He likes the conviniance of a watch he does not have to take on and off. AND he said that if he started taking his watch on and off, he would lose it, like the six watches I've lost.


So. The point is. His watch smells. I don't like smelly things. Short of cutting off his arm to remove his watch, is there ANYTHING I can do (and by "I", I mean him) to get rid of the smell? (the smell, by the way, does not bother him at all!


phinz said...

The only solution is to:
1.)Climb into the shower with him.
2.)Scrub said watch strap with shampoo and a nailbrush and rinse well.
3.)Take care of whatever other business *ahem* pops up.
4.)Lather, rinse, repeat.

Blogarita said...

After his daily shower, throw him in the dryer so that his watch band will dry more quickly.