Saturday, March 28, 2009

This made me Laugh

We piled in the car last night on the way to the city to pick up tickets for Monsters Vrs. Aliens. Logan was at a sleepover so we only had the two oldest boys int he car, Parker who is nine, and Blake who is six.

Parker : Blake did you know that race car spelled backwards is still race car?
Blake : No it isn't
Parker : Yes! See r-a-c-e-c-a-r is race car and backwards it's still r-a-c-e-c-a-r!
Blake: Cool!
Parker : what's tat called? When a word is the same backwards and forwards?
Me: It's called a Pal-
Blake (interrupting) : It's called HOTWHEELS

ahh consumerism, it always strikes when you least expect it!

Blake is either going to be one of those late night infomercial hosts or he will be the guy sitting at home, wide a wake at 2 am, phone in hand watching the Shop At Home network!

Blake LOVES the ShamWow commercial - he can do it by heart. My mother in law and I even joked a few days ago that we should get him a set of ShamWow cloths for his birthday at the end of April!

I can still remember his excitement - this must have been two years ago or so, when he saw a "Tide ball" (I can't find a link, but it was a ball you fill up with detergent for your washing machine) Blake was so excited when he saw it in the store, he started reciting the commercial to me exclaiming that I HAD to have it! that it would make my Laundry so much easier.

And whenever Sea World starts playing their commercials on the television, Blake begs us to check out San Diego hotel, and sings the Sea World Theme song.

Yep. Blake is going to have issues when grows up!

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