Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I need your help!

I am currently trying to get this blogs rankings up! I would really appreciate if any of the seven who stop in would link Paint! in your side bar and please, if you belong to Technorati, click this link and add me there too!

Add to <span class=Technorati Favorites">

Thanks so much!


Blogarita said...

I put you in my "Bellies At The Bar" blogroll.

Bluepaintred said...

thanks blogarita! that means a lot to me!

LinkyLoveDOTnet said...

Hi Bluepaintedred, you will be linked soonest from linkylove. Since we are both aming of having our rank up (in no time), do you feel like we just do it together?

2 can do more than one, I learn from you, you learn from me :-)

Thanks for the links

Linky Love
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