Wednesday, April 04, 2007

food and sports

do you ever have the thought, when you are scraping the food from the dinner plates into the garbage, that this is such a waste? that so many other people would kill for this? I do , and i feel guilty about it, but even when i package the leftovers up, they just end up sitting in the refrigerator, until they smell or grow mold then i toss them.

we just don't like leftovers.

I'm thinking about putting RM into a sport, however i don't know what one yet. i was considering soft ball, but the training day camp thing is on Blue boys birthday which we cannot change. I wont make rm and JJ miss the party ( they have to have an adult with them) and i wont miss it either.

This parenting/ being an adult thing is freaking hard work.

Does this picture amuse you as much as it does me?

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Sans Pantaloons said...

Agreed. It is a waste, but consider what the supermarkets throw out.

Most people don't eat their saved leftovers. I rarely do. I give them to the fox.

Blogcat and a laser pen on the keyboard. Might end up with a Blogcat post!