Saturday, April 21, 2007

I went shopping!

We decided to hit Toys R us, while shopping for birthday gifts for the four turning five year old. And other than the fact that for the first time in my life I wanted, I mean really wanted to buy the children a trampoline ( I didn't they are dangerous and expensive!) it went well!

This first item is a pair of sunglasses/goggle type thing. its a half face mask. if you look really close there are some "prisims" to flip infront of your line of sight to help you see like a bug. Pretty nifty!
This is just a fancy house for bug catching. it will have to stay in the garage, if this summer is anything liek last, they will be catching spiders, and lemme tell you, when those two finally got up the nerver to tell me their "pets" escaped INSIDE the house, I darn near had a heart attack. So yeah. Out side toy. It is kinda cool though, even has night vision!

Blue Boy already has a chalk board, and he loves it, so we bough this one, its about four feet by three feet or something. See that thing on it? thats wrapping paper. Its a regular sized roll. Judge the size for yourself. We are going to hang this one directly on the living room wall for the boy.

I have no idea what this is other then my husband was having a grand ol time playing with it in the store. This is how we buy most of our toys... Sigh.

ahhh. The Zazer! Im not sure how many of you go back and read comments on BPR, but there is a full explanation to the Zazer! there.

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squirrel said...

That boy is gonna have some fun with all that stuff!