Friday, April 13, 2007

Squeaky toys

I like things that make noise. I think that's obvious due to the fact i have three very noisy boys. I like to get them toys that make noise. that old trick of getting kid drums for Christmas to piss of the parents? Won't work at our house.

My kids have a lot of toys that squeak when you squeeze them. One afternoon, a while back, the baby was squeaking it over and over and over and over again and I had a headache. So In a fit of temper i took out the little plastic bit that makes it squeak. It doesn't wreak the toy, just stops the noise.

Completely by accident, or maybe because I just like putting things in my mouth, I realised I can blow on it to make the squeaky noise all by myself.

now its MY turn to annoy the children. It, uhm, doesn't seem to annoy them thought. they seem to love it. I pretend, for the baby that it's because he has "beeped" my nose (that's where you make a beep beep sound when your nose is pushed for all you child haters) the older two get very excited (and loud) in their begging for the squeaker.

I would give it to them, but It's a chocking hazard, I've had a few close calls myself.

And also, its mine and I do not like to share!

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