Monday, December 08, 2008

Canada's Worst Driver

Every Monday we watch Canada's Worst Driver. Have you heard of this show before?If the idea that these people are on Canadian roads RIGHT now, wasn't so freaking terrifying, this show would be hilarious!!

It's on right now, I'm sitting on the couch typing during commercials. The challenge that the drivers must go through right now is called "The eye of the needle". They have a van, and a Styrofoam cut out with at least one, and probably two feet clearance on all sides. They need to drive through the arch without, ya know, hitting it.

They all hit it. Multiple times.

One of the tests they had to go through was a simple test. They were shown different signs, like an exit sign, yield signs, train crossing signs, and had to identify them.

Not a single one of them could identify all the signs. AND THEY ARE STILL ON THE ROAD!!!

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