Friday, December 19, 2008

Class Auction

Once a month the kids have a class auction. So far, it is just Parker's class that does it, but when Blake is in a higher grade he will as well.

Hubs hates the class auction. He thinks it is horrible the school makes us buy something once a month to give away. He's a big ol grinch.

Me? I like them, see, the kids get coupons for behaving, for doing well on a test for keeping their desk clean and all sorts of things. The coupons are traded in once a month for monopoly money and the auction is held.

The auctions at the end of the month are just a little extra for the kids to look forward to. I use my computer memory to keep the auction dates straight, becuase we all know I won't remember on my own, and Parker and I go to the dollar store and spend some one on one time choosing auction items. Some days, like we did last night, we head to the convenience store and get candy for auction - candy ALWAYS sells well LOL.

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